The Writing Revolution

The Writing Revolution By Judith Hochman and Natalie Wexler

A Guide To Advancing Thinking Through Writing In All Subjects And Grades

Wow! Where do I start?! This is a wonderful resource that outlines a way forward with teaching students how to write quality text. As students move up the years of schooling, they are asked more and more to write in response to something they have read, heard or viewed. The Writing Revolution (TWR) shows teachers how to embed instruction and consolidation into content areas – any! Even Maths!

One of the foundational beliefs of TWR goes along these lines

We can’t expect students to write quality text if they cannot write a quality paragraph and likewise, they cannot write a quality paragraph if they cannot write a quality sentence so TWR begins with sentence strategies.

It guides teachers and their students through such areas as
* identifying sentences fragments and run-ons and correcting them – the concept of a
* 4 types of sentences
* developing questions
* using conjunctions – because, but and so
*using subordinating conjunctions
* inserting appositives to rename a noun
* sentence combining
* sentence expansion

Use of symbols and note-taking/summarizing takes us onto filling in a Single Paragraph Outline (SPO) and then drafting paragraphs, using

Topic Sentence (choice of 3)
Ideas/research in note form turned into sentences
Concluding sentence (choice of 3)

From single paragraphs, TWR takes us to Multiple Paragraph Outlines (MPO) and whole text writing.

At all times working through the 4 stages of

Plan,                Draft,              Revise,                        Edit. 

All this with loads of additional free downloads available on The Writing Revolution website.

“But perhaps what’s most revolutionary about the TWR method is that it takes the mystery out of learning to write well. It breaks the writing process down into manageable chunks and then has students practise the chunks they need, repeatedly, while also learning content.”

The Writing Revolution – A Guide to Advancing Thinking Through Writing in all Subjects and Grades


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