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  • A Fresh Look at Phonics by Wiley...


    “In most instances, there isn’t one main cause of a systematic breakdown in phonics instruction. Rather, a combination of causes can create a perfect storm of failure.”
    —Wiley Blevins

    Picture a class of kindergarteners singing the alphabet song, and teaching phonics  seems as easy as one-two, three, A, B, C, right? In a Fresh Look at Phonics, Wiley Blevins explains why it can get tricky, and then delivers a plan so geared for success, that teachers, coaches, and administrators will come to see owning this book as a before and after moment in their professional lives.

    In this amazing follow up to his renowned resource Phonics From A-Z, Wiley uses the data he has collected over two decades to share which approaches truly work, which have failed, and how teachers can fine-tune their daily instruction for success.

    You will learn to focus on the seven critical ingredients of phonics teaching that produce the greatest student learning gains— readiness skills, scope and sequence, blending, dictation, word awareness, high frequency words, and reading connected texts. Then, for each ingredient, Wiley shares:

    • Activities, routines, word lists, and lessons that develop solid foundations for reading
    • Ideas for differentiation, ELL, and advanced learners to ensure adequate progress for all learners
    • Help on decodable texts, what not to over-do, and what you can’t do enough of for your students’ achievement
    • Interactive “Day Clinic” activities that facilitate teacher self-reflection and school wide professional learning

    In a final section, Wiley details the ten common reasons instruction fails and shows teachers how to correct these missteps regarding lesson pacing, transitions, decodable texts, writing activities, assessment and more. A Fresh Look at Phonics is the evidence-based solution you have been seeking.

    Wiley Blevins, Ph.D., is a world-renowned expert on early reading, and author of the seminal book Phonics From A-Z among many other works. He has taught in both the United States and South America, and regularly trains teachers throughout Asia. He holds a Doctorate in Education from Harvard University, and has worked with numerous educational scholars, including Jeanne Chall, Isabel Beck, Marilyn Adams, Louisa Moats, and Dianne August, and others.

  • ABC Letter Cards by Heggerty


    This card pack includes 35 beautifully illustrated letter sound cards for teachers to use with a whole or small group when teaching the Letter Naming/Alphabet Knowledge activities during a Heggerty Phonemic Awareness lesson. This card pack matches the activities listed in the English Pre-K, Kindergarten, and Primary curricula.

    The card pack includes:

    • Letter sound cards for all 26 letters of the alphabet
    • Letter sound card with fancy a and fancy g for print recognition
    • Letter sounds cards with pictures for both the short and long vowel sounds, and the hard and soft sounds of c and g
  • Adding Suffixes, Transforming No...


    Can you add the correct suffix to transform a noun into an adjective? This set of over 50 cards offer three suffix choices on the front of

    the card, that when added to a given word, change word class, spelling and/or meaning. The different parts of speech are all colour-coded, so that suffixes can also be removed from words on the reverse

    of the card to change their class and meaning back again. Both sides offer an example sentence to aid comprehension. Perfect for use in whole class learning, or with our Smart Chute. Suffixes covered are:

    -able, -al, -ary, -ful, -ic,

    -ish, -ive, -less, -like, -ly,

    -ous, -y.

  • Australian Kid Lips Instructiona...


    A 131 page instructional guide with 43 user-friendly lessons. Each lesson is about 10 minutes in length. The extra value in the lessons is the English as an Additional Language or Dialect connection and explanation of why an English language learner may struggle to learn and pronounce sounds in English. Tips for instruction are also a part of every lesson. There is an inset image to match the correct Kid Lips™ picture card with each lesson. The guide is spiral bound for easy use during lessons. This manual is especially helpful for use in small groups and Special Education classrooms.

  • Beanies Ph 3 (12 titles) Hi-Lo D...


    Written especially for older, struggling readers, we present our newest series of decodable books – The Beanies. The Beanies are Hi-Lo – age appropriate, high interest stories with an exciting array of adventures, centred around a cast of diverse, relatable, and teenage characters that reflect the modern world that we live in. Phase 3 (Phonics)…

  • Beanies Teacher Book Ph 2-6 Hi-L...


    To support the Beanstalk Book range of decodable readers, we offer NEW comprehensive Teacher Books. Teacher Book for Hi-Lo Diversity includes an overview of Letters & Sounds programme; phonics scope and sequence, individual teacher lesson plans for each decodable reader in the set, photocopiable activity pages for each book, screening checks and assessment pages, and…

  • Blah Blah Blah Card game by Mrs ...


    ISBN 9780241530498

  • Chatterbox Card Set – 36 x...


    Chatterbox Card Set – 36 x Receptive and Expressive Language Cards

    (36 different picture prompt language cards)

    Oral Language is the foundation of all learning! It is the system through which we use spoken words to express knowledge, ideas, opinions and feelings. Developing oral language, then, means developing the skills and knowledge that go into listening and speaking, all of which have a strong relationship to reading and to writing.
    It is important as educators that we provide opportunities for students to develop receptive and expressive language, and one way that we can do this is through scaffolded conversation.
    Receptive language refers to how a child understands language. It is the “input” of language, the ability to understand and comprehend spoken language that you hear (or read).
    Expressive language is the use of words, sentences, (and eventually writing), to convey meaning to others, express wants and needs, thoughts and ideas, argue a point of view, and develop the use of language to engage in successful interactions with others. It is important that students can put words together in accurate sentences and use grammar correctly.
    Our new Chatterbox Card Set engages students in oral language development opportunities using ‘explore’ images. The teacher leads a conversation using the suggested questions on the back of each card. This is a time to develop receptive and expressive language, model and guide appropriate language structures, and monitor and track development.
    What we love most about these picture prompt conversation cards is that the topics are age appropriate, students can make connections with the topics, and they are linked to content areas of the Australian Curriculum including Science, Geography, History, and Health (so you can build on knowledge and vocabulary).

  • Choosing and Using Decodable Tex...


    In this must-have follow-up to his landmark best-seller Phonics From A to Z, Wiley Blevins explains why quality decodable texts are an essential early learning tool and how to distinguish the good from the bad. This resource offers practical lessons and routines for using decodable texts to build children’s phonics and fluency skills, as well as tips on selecting strong decodable texts and what to do if you don’t have any. Includes fun and engaging reproducible decodable mini-books.

  • Consonant Clusters & Digrap...


    This card pack includes 34 beautifully illustrated letter sound cards for teachers to use with a whole or small group when teaching the Letter Naming or Alphabet Knowledge activity with Consonant Blends and Digraphs. This complete set of cards aligns to the activities included in the Heggerty Phonemic Awareness Primary curriculum beginning in Week 8, and the Kindergarten curriculum in Weeks 23-35 (advanced vowel cards do not need to be used in Kindergarten).

    This card pack includes:

    • 21 Consonant Blends: l-blends, r-blends, s-blends, tw
    • 4 Consonant Digraphs
    • 8 Vowel Digraphs
    • y as a vowel


  • Cutting Activities RIC


    ISBN – 9781864004823

  • Dandelion Launchers Unit 16-20 T...


    ISBN 9781783693337

  • Dandelion Launchers Workbook Uni...


    ISBN 9781783693351

  • Dandelion Readers More Reading a...


    WR 2

  • Dandelion Readers Reading and Wr...


    WR 1

  • Dandelion Readers Units 1 –...


    DR 3

  • Dandelion World Stages 1-7 Reade...


    ISBN: 9780241666333


  • Dandelion World Stages 16-20 Rea...


    ISBN: 9780241666715


  • Dandelion World Stages 8-15 Read...


    ISBN: 9780241666708


  • Decodable Readers Australia Earl...


    ISBN 9780648938903