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  • A Fresh Look at Phonics by Wiley...


    “In most instances, there isn’t one main cause of a systematic breakdown in phonics instruction. Rather, a combination of causes can create a perfect storm of failure.”
    —Wiley Blevins

    Picture a class of kindergarteners singing the alphabet song, and teaching phonics  seems as easy as one-two, three, A, B, C, right? In a Fresh Look at Phonics, Wiley Blevins explains why it can get tricky, and then delivers a plan so geared for success, that teachers, coaches, and administrators will come to see owning this book as a before and after moment in their professional lives.

    In this amazing follow up to his renowned resource Phonics From A-Z, Wiley uses the data he has collected over two decades to share which approaches truly work, which have failed, and how teachers can fine-tune their daily instruction for success.

    You will learn to focus on the seven critical ingredients of phonics teaching that produce the greatest student learning gains— readiness skills, scope and sequence, blending, dictation, word awareness, high frequency words, and reading connected texts. Then, for each ingredient, Wiley shares:

    • Activities, routines, word lists, and lessons that develop solid foundations for reading
    • Ideas for differentiation, ELL, and advanced learners to ensure adequate progress for all learners
    • Help on decodable texts, what not to over-do, and what you can’t do enough of for your students’ achievement
    • Interactive “Day Clinic” activities that facilitate teacher self-reflection and school wide professional learning

    In a final section, Wiley details the ten common reasons instruction fails and shows teachers how to correct these missteps regarding lesson pacing, transitions, decodable texts, writing activities, assessment and more. A Fresh Look at Phonics is the evidence-based solution you have been seeking.

    Wiley Blevins, Ph.D., is a world-renowned expert on early reading, and author of the seminal book Phonics From A-Z among many other works. He has taught in both the United States and South America, and regularly trains teachers throughout Asia. He holds a Doctorate in Education from Harvard University, and has worked with numerous educational scholars, including Jeanne Chall, Isabel Beck, Marilyn Adams, Louisa Moats, and Dianne August, and others.

  • Activate Inquiry Yrs F-12


    ISBN – 9781742005485

  • Active Learning Through Formativ...


    ISBN – 9780340974452

  • Assessing & Improving Your ...


    ISBN – 9781118275481

  • Beginning Primary Teaching


    ISBN – 9781863977838

  • Best Books For Primary


    ISBN – 9781876678371

  • Circle Time For The Very Young


    ISBN – 9781742391298

  • Differentiated Instruction In Li...


    ISBN – 9781452217338

  • Engagement Matters- Personalised...


    ISBN – 9780864318312

  • Essential Questions Opening Door...


    ISBN – 9781416615057

  • Explicit Direct Instruction (EDI...


    The researchers and trainers at DataWORKS have a vision for all classrooms: All students successfully taught grade level work every day. Explicit Direct Instruction (EDI) is the book that shows teachers exactly how to do that. EDI is based on educational theory, brain research, and data analysis of more than 2 million assignments from 48,000 teachers, 25,000 classroom observations, and surveys of more than half a million educational stakeholders. Presented in book form here for the first time, authors Hollingsworth and Ybarra give teachers and instructional planners a step-by-step implementation guide to EDI.
    Written in an entertaining, teacher friendly, easy to read style with classroom examples, boxed features, and detailed sample lessons, the book covers checking for understanding, lesson objectives, activating prior knowledge, concept and skills development, guided practice, and much more. EDI is appropriate for ALL learners in inclusive and diverse classrooms. It has demonstrated very high success rates, and teachers who use EDI discover that it puts the fun back in teaching when it enables their students to say “I can do it.”

  • Foundations of Literacy


    ISBN – 9781741013863

  • Frameworks For Learning & D...


    ISBN – 9781442514287

  • Growing Independent Learners


    ISBN – 9781760016579

  • Integrating Differentiated Instr...


    ISBN – 9781741018271

  • Leadership and Management


    ISBN – 9781921613777

  • Leading Change


    ISBN – 9781422186435

  • Leading Professional Learning Te...


    ISBN – 9781412965538

  • Maximising the Impact of Teachin...


    Drawing on the lessons from one of the world’s leading research and development efforts involving teaching assistants (TAs), this book is the authors’ most authoritative text yet on how to design a whole school plan to improve TAs’ deployment, practice and preparedness, and put it into action. The authors use robust theories and original research to explore an innovative and integrated approach to making the most of TAs, and recognising the valuable contributions they make to the classroom and the school.

    Structured around a unique and empirically sound conceptual framework, this book provides essential principles, practical tools and workable strategies, developed through collaboration with hundreds of UK schools. It focuses on ensuring TAs can thrive in their role, and presents the tools and techniques needed to do so accessibly, and is illustrated with case studies on school and classroom practices.

    Essential reading for all primary school leaders and SENCOs responsible for training and managing TAs, this book is also a useful resource for teachers and teaching assistants looking to optimise the TAs’ contributions.

  • Place & Time- Explorations ...


    ISBN – 9781442532779