Felicity’s Favourites

I meet so many passionate and dedicated educators while I am in the Seelect store or out at schools. Parents, teachers, and administrators – all trying to follow the research and provide their students with the best in literacy education. I hope this page on the website will provide you with a little more information about some of the products available at Seelect Educational Supplies.

Those who know me, laugh with me as I call myself “the sad tragic” who reads all the books and articles she can and loves every minute of it. And even more, I love to share my knowledge, so that others can consider resources that may not have previously been on their radar.

My background is in Special Education and Primary teaching. I am part owner of Seelect (where I can usually be found on Fridays) and I also offer tuition (to students with learning challenges) and training. I hope you find this page worthwhile – do check back regularly to read about other resources. Feedback or requests can be sent to felicity@learningknowhow.com.au
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