Writing Matters & Sentence Sense

Writing Matters By William Van Cleave

What an enormous loss to the world it was, when William Van Cleave passed away unexpectedly this last May  2021! Anything, absolutely anything with his name upon it, is worth your attention.

Writing Matters is an exceptional book that
helps teachers help students
to develop sentence skills, whatever their age.

It takes all those grammar bits and pieces and makes sense of them for the many of us who were not given much in the way of grammar instruction. It links the grammar to text in a friendly manner. And provides sample dialogues that unpack teaching instruction into manageable chunks. William’s resources are based upon robust research and “seasoned in the trenches.”

Writing Matters provides

  • research-based justification for this approach
  • unique instructional formula
  • extensive word lists for reference
  • sequence of skills for instruction
  • techniques for one to one, small group and classroom instruction.

Armed with Writing Matters and its two sets of Workbooks Level A and Level B, alongside The Writing Revolution, I feel prepared, inspired, and confident.

Writing Matters – Developing Sentence Skills in Students of All Ages

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Writing Matters – Sentence Sense Level A set Book 1 and 2

Writing Matters – Sentence Sense Level B set Book 1 and 2

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