The MSL Workbook Book 1



By Giulia Cuzzilla

Revision Workbook for Students of MSL

This workbook is designed for students of Multisensory Structured Language instruction.

This workbook should take around three to six months to complete, depending on your child’s progress and how many lessons you do a week.

Workbook One starts at learning initial consonant sounds and goes all the way to the FLOSS rule. This is appropriate if your child is in the early stages of MSL instruction or needs consolidation of the basic rules and concepts.

Please note: You will require a sound pack when using this resource. You can purchase one directly through the ADA, or you can easily make your own as you go.

Total pages: 224.

MSL Workbook 1 covers

s, a, t, p, i, n

c, o, d, m, e, r

b, u, g, l, f, h

w, qu, y, j, k, z, v, x

Long & short vowels and blends

Open and Closed Syllables

Silent-e syllables

Basic digraphs th**

Basic digraphs ch & sh

Basic digraphs wh, ph

FLOSS rule