Teaching Sprints: How Overloaded Educators Can Keep Getting Better by Simon Breakspear and Bronwyn Jones


Enhance teachers’ expertise – in every term, every school year.

With all of the everyday demands of teaching, the job of improving classroom practice is a challenge for teachers and school leaders. Grounded by research and field-tested around the world, Teaching Sprints offers a professional improvement process that works in theory and practice.

Including insights from the field, and practical protocols, this book outlines a simple model for engaging in short bursts of evidence informed improvement work. Using Teaching Sprints, teams of teachers can enhance their expertise together, in a way that is sustainable on the ground.

In Teaching Sprints, readers will find:

  • Three big ideas about practice improvement

  • A detailed description of a simple improvement process

  • Advice on how to establish a routine for continual improvement

Whether you’re a classroom teacher thinking about your own practice, an instructional leader supporting colleagues to teach better tomorrow, or a school leader interested in enhancing your program for professional learning, Teaching Sprints is a must-read for you.


ISBN 9781506340401