Teaching Mathematics Foundations To Middle Years 3ed


ISBN – 9780190311537


At the forefront of research in mathematics education, this new edition of Teaching Mathematics: Foundations to Middle Years continues to provide knowledge to future teachers of mathematics with the information and resources they need to help them prepare for the classroom. Following an evidence-based approach focused on identifying and reflecting on student reasoning, pre-service teachers are encouraged to develop a deep understanding of the big ideas in mathematics and the connections between them.

Now in its third edition, this text has been revised extensively, with a new structure that points more directly to the learning progressions involved in developing a deep understanding of mathematics from the early to middle years of schooling. Interspersed throughout the text are activities and thought-provoking teaching scenarios for pre-service teachers to explore, whether individually, in groups or in the classroom.

The authors’ detailed knowledge of mathematics and mathematics teaching combines effectively with the book’s teaching and learning features to help pre-service teachers develop the deep understanding of mathematics and the teaching and learning of mathematics needed to become confident, enthusiastic teachers of mathematics.

New to this Edition:

  • New pedagogical structure allows for easier navigation and aligns with how mathematics education is organised
  • Big Ideas at the beginning of each chapter provide a summary of the key ideas in mathematics and link to the new
  • Learning Progression framework at the beginning of the book Activities are varied for the range of ages and diversity of students in mathematics classrooms
  • Making Connections have been updated to include STEM, ICT concepts and cultural connections
  • Try it Yourself activities to develop pre-service teachers’ knowledge and assist with building confidence in teaching mathematics to a wide range of students
  • Teachers in Practice are written by practising teachers and provide teaching strategies for pre-service teachers to consider when in the classroom
  • Teacher Tips provide short snippets of practical advice
  • Extend your Learning activities encourage pre-service teachers to think more broadly about their role in the school community. They provide tips on how to stimulate discussion in a team meeting and form the basis of group work tasks.




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