Teaching and Learning Primary English Edited by Damon Thomas | Angela Thomas


With contributions from so many wonderful knowledgeable people including Dr Karyn Carson, Anne Bayetto, Rhona Stainthorp, Deslea Konza, Timothy Rasinski and the list goes on and on!!!


Equip your students with the knowledge and skills to teach English well.

Teaching English well is important for every primary school teacher, but it can also seem overwhelming—and for good reason. The amount of English content that must be taught throughout primary school is considerable. Speaking, listening, reading, writing, viewing, and creating are social practices that rely on highly complex cognitive processes, require specialised knowledge about the English language, and an understanding of how children develop literacy skills to use English for different communicative purposes.

Teaching and Learning Primary English is written for initial teacher education (ITE) students and practising primary school teachers. It addresses the complexities of English teaching and aims to build deep understandings of the most important aspects of primary English education. It will assist ITE students and practising teachers navigate the often complicated, crowded, and interconnected landscape of English education.


  • Aligns to the three strands of the Australian Curriculum: English — language, literacy, and literature.
  • The pedagogical model of explicit instruction underpins this text, giving pre-service teachers the confidence to teach in a direct and structured way.
  • Each chapter provides the who, what, when, where, how, and why of primary English teaching.
  • Chapters begin by explaining key theoretical ideas related to the teaching of reading, writing, and children’s literature, providing a strong understanding of the main elements of English education.
  • Evidence-based teaching and assessment approaches demonstrate how to translate theory into practice.
  • Example lesson overviews, suggested children’s literature, and planning templates support ITE students transition to teaching English in the classroom.


ISBN  9780190325725