Targeting Maths Year 6 Student Book 2023 ed


ISBN 9781922538987


Fully aligned with the Australian Curriculum Mathematics Version 9.0, we are excited to announce the launch of our new AC Targeting Maths Year 6 2023 Edition.

The NEW edition of the successful Targeting Maths series focuses on visible learning with the addition of Mastery Checklists for each unit of work.


The book builds students’ abilities to think mathematically, problem-solve and communicate their answers in a variety of ways.


Key features for year 6 include


  • Aligned with Australian Curriculum version 9.0
  • Mastery Checklists for each unit
  • More calculation strategies
  • More hands-on activities
  • More reasoning and communicating tasks
  • Updated problem-solving pages
  • Mastery checklists every few pages

Targeting Maths App for iPad

This book is fully cross-referenced to the Year 6 Targeting Maths App. All the essential maths content that children need to know is here in one interactive and motivating app. Children benefit from the combination of book-based and digital learning.


Teaching guides coming soon