Targeting HASS Activity Book Year 3


ISBN: 9781925726046



The Targeting HASS Activity Books are chock full of fascinating and interesting facts and snippets from a huge variety of primary sources that have been carefully selected to engage to students in years 3 – 6.

The term HASS refers to the Australian Humanities and Social Science curriculum which covers History, Geography, Civics & Citizenship and, only in Years 5 and 6, Economics & Business

Each book contains 32 double page units featuring an illustrated stimulus text chosen to support curriculum inquiry questions. Students analysis, understanding and inquiry skills are tested by a broad range of questions and activities in:

  • Researching
  • Questioning
  • Analysing
  • Evaluating and reflecting
  • Communicating

The books are divided between the curriculum areas with a chart with all the Australian Curriculum correlations provided in the front of the book. Assessment pages for each curriculum area and extensive answers for all units are included at the back of the books.