Spelling Success In Action 2 (middle & upper primary/lower secondary) Teacher Starter Pack



BY Jocelyn Seamer

English is a morpho-phonemic language that is as influenced by morphology as it is by phonics. As such, it is necessary to teach students to both understand and use this critical area of language. Spelling Success in Action guides teachers and students through the exploration of prefixes and suffixes at four levels: morpheme, word, sentence and text. The inclusion of these levels of exploration means that students have the opportunity to transfer their new learning to practical situations quickly, resulting in a greater depth of understanding and long term retention.

Spelling Success in Action is designed with built-in differentiation, making it easier for teachers to support the inevitable variation in reading and spelling development in their class. It provides a ‘low floor – high ceiling’ approach to lessons ensuring that instruction is inclusive and stimulating for the largest number of students possible in whole class lessons.

Pack includes

1 x 270pg. teacher guide

1 x student workbook that includes weekly assessment

1 x student reader A

1 x student reader B

1 x student reader C

1 x set of morphology cards

Complementary access to the online Spelling Success in Action Course

A printed workbook to use alongside the course