Reading Success in Action – Decoding 2 – Jocelyn Seamer


When making the shift to a systematic, explicit approach to teaching reading, it can be challenging to know how to arrange content in a way that supports the learning of every child in your class.  The Reading Success in Action Lesson 2 sequence is designed to take the guess work out of making instructional decisions in teaching the first half of the complex code.  Don’t spend hours agonizing over what, when and how to teach decoding.  Follow the sequence and give your mental energy to supporting the students in your care.


– 75 pages of content

– Follows the sequence of  ay, ee, igh, oa, oo (as in zoo), or, oy, ar, oo (look), er, ou, are, ow, oi, ir, a_e, i_e, o_e, u_e, ea, ai, ie, aw, ur, ear, le.  The sequence has been chosen to reflect the most common grapheme representations as well as separating graphemes that represent the same phonemes. This conservative arrangement supports the cognitive load of students who are vulnerable to cognitive overload and confusion.

– Easy to follow lesson plans contain instructions, teacher background knowledge, word lists and differentiated decodable sentences. Three word lists and sentences enable you to reteach lessons as needed without repeating words.   Lesson also contain recommendations of irregular high frequency words mapped to the decodable texts included in the sequence.


ISBN: 9780645378504