By Michael Heggerty

The BLUE book is recommended for Foundation¬† OR…

If your Foundation (Reception SA, Kindergarten NSW, Pre Primary WA etc) students arrive with a weaker than expected language base, a recommendation from teachers and speech pathologists has been to …
“Use the Purple book (every second week of the programme) for the first 2 terms and then move the students to the Blue book starting at Week 1 and using each week of the programme . The following year when these students are in Year 1, begin the Blue book again”

You are encouraged to check out the site for free placement tests and other FREEBIE resources.

This fabulous resource was highly recommended by Dr Carol Tolman during her presentation of the training modules of the LETRS course (Literacy Essentials for Teachers of Reading and Spelling) Seelect has made this resource available in Australia. 35 weeks of Mon to Fri curriculum in Phonemic Awareness. Do you need to see on approval or drop into the store to view? This is indeed a wonderful user-friendly resource that will prove invaluable indefinitely.
A YELLOW Yr 1+  version and a PURPLE pre-school version can also be ordered.