Once Upon A Word – A Word Origin Dictionary For Kids


Where do words come from?–Learning new words by understanding their stories

The English language is made up of words from different places, events, and periods of time. Each of those words has an exciting story to tell us about where, when, how, and why they came about. Once Upon a Word is packed with easy-to-understand definitions and awesome word-origin stories. With this dictionary for kids, you can understand the history and meaning of English words, improve your vocabulary and spelling, and learn to play with language.

Explore how weird words like gnome, fun words like zombie, and common words like caterpillar came to exist. Discover why some words sound funnier than others (like cacklesizzle, and twang) and why some groups of words start with the same few letters (like hydratehydrogen, and fire hydrant). In this dictionary for kids, there’s a whole world of English words to uncover

This unique dictionary for kids includes:

  • Roots & branches–Learn about the building blocks that make up words, called rootsprefixes, and suffixes.
  • Kid-friendly definitions–Look up definitions designed for your reading level in this dictionary for kids.
  • Word snack–Find out where your favorite food words got their start, from bacon to marshmallowspaghettiyogurt, and beyond.

See how the English language evolved–from its beginnings to today–with this colorful dictionary for kids.


ISBN 9781646112593

By Jess Zafarris