Milo’s Read and Grab Word Game 9 Coral


This card game for 2–6 players gives children lots of practice decoding single words – it’s fast-paced phonics fun!

Children call the Read and Grab Word Game the ‘thief game’. Children take it in turns to draw and read a card. If another player has a word card with the matching colour and character, then they can ‘grab’ the card from them. Once a player has 5 cards, they have a set, and no one can grab them! The aim is to collect the most sets.

This card game is quick and competitive, encouraging children to read single words fluently. It’s perfect for small group instruction and playing at home to build reading skills and confidence!

Read and Grab Word Game Box 9:

  • Allows children to practise reading decodable words using alternative spellings for the vowel phonemes /ā/, /ē/ and /ī/ (Stage 7 Units 1–4)
  • Contains 75 playing cards – 15 sets to choose from each time you play
  • Includes wordlists showing each set of cards and their focus.


ISBN: 9780994638304