Milo’s Read and Grab Orange 5 Game


ISBN – 978098075816

Milo’s Read and Grab games are sometimes called the ‘thief games’.  Children ‘grab’ cards from another player if they have a word with a matching character and colour. Children need to read each word as they take it. The aim is to collect sets of word cards.  Each set has 5 cards.


Milo’s Read and Grab 7 game focuses on words with aiayoaeeeaigh.


When playing select a few more sets than the number of children playing. Each Read and Grab game has 75 cards so there are lots of different sets to choose from each time you play.

The Little Learner Stage 7 Unit 1 books complement this Milo’s Read and Grab game.  The five books provide engaging stories to further practice reading words with these graphemes.


by Maureen Pollard

Focus: -ai, -ay, -oa, -ee, -ea, -igh