Milo’s Birthday Surprise Teacher Resource + Puppet


ISBN 9780980753530


An essential tool to teach the Stages 1–4 letters and sounds for reading and spelling, using Milo’s Birthday Surprise.

This Teacher Resource provides simple lesson plans and activity ideas to ensure your teaching of reading and spelling is effective and targeted from the very beginning.

Stage 1 sequence: m s f a p t c i
Stage 2 sequence: b h n o d g i v
Stage 3 sequence: y r e qu z
Stage 4 sequence: j u k x w

An Ally the alligator puppet is included to support the teaching of phonemic awareness skills, which are vital for literacy learning. Ally only speaks in sounds; she cannot speak in words. Children respond to Ally and their blending and segmenting skills take off quickly. A digital copy of handwriting copy masters and craft activities is also included and is sent via email to the purchaser.

The Teacher Resource has been designed to use in conjunction with the Milo’s Birthday Surprise Activity Book and storybook.

Milo’s Birthday Surprise Teacher Resource:

  • Contains a carefully planned sequence of engaging, explicit, multi-sensory activities to teach the simple code (Little Learners Love Literacy® Stages 1–4)
  • Includes an Ally puppet and access to digital resources
  • Shows how to teach phonemic awareness and phonics together to achieve the best literacy outcomes.