Making Maths Count by Peter Maher


ISBN 9780190338565


As educators, our goal is to prepare students for life beyond the classroom, and therefore the mathematics we teach must be relevant to students’ everyday lives. Making Maths Count is a practical resource for primary teachers, offering ‘low threshold, high ceiling’ activities in real-world contexts, with links to the Australian Curriculum: Mathematics. The depth and breadth of these activities support student engagement and motivation, leading to further learning and deeper understanding.

This book:

  • features 17 units of work for primary school students of all ages and abilities
  • offers more than 170 tasks that are structured in order of increasing difficulty
  • can be used in any primary mathematics class as a series of independent learning units, a
  • support to any primary mathematics program, or as a set of homework tasks
  • features short topic introductions for teachers as well as student-directed questions and instructions
  • is supplemented by digital resources on Oxford Owl.