Little Learners Love Literacy Stage 7 Unit 5


Pip and Tim head off on a trip around Australia. These six books are a blog written by the Zan family about their many adventures. They are full of funny and engaging stories with lots of facts about the history and geography of Australia woven into the stories. They visit Ballarat, Great Ocean Road, Sydney, Rottenest Island, Uluru-Kata Tjuta National Park to name a few.  The sixth book, The Long Way Home, has a map of Australia showing the route taken by the family.

As the books are written in the past tense, children are able to practise their knowledge of -ed endings.

Similes and idioms feature in these books – leaping like a lizard, loomed over us like giants, winding them up, hear a pin drop.  The stories provide many opportunities to talk about words and enjoy language.

Morphology: words with these suffixes – tion (mention), sion (explosion), ous (monstrous)