Jolly Grammar Handbook 5


ISBN – 9781844144082


The Grammar Handbook 5 is designed to follow The Phonics Handbook and the handbooks for Grammar 1 to 4. It provides extensive photocopiable material and a wealth practical advice for teaching children in their 6th year of school.

The Grammar Handbook 5 is intended to:

* extend and refine the children’s understanding of the grammar already taught,
* introduce new elements of grammar, such as the past participle, transitive and intransitive verbs, phrasal verbs and perfect tenses
* teach new spelling patterns  systematically, with particular emphasis on prefixes, suffixes and root words,
*improve vocabulary and comprehension and introduce homographs, homonyms and heteronyms
* further develop dictionary and thesaurus skills and
* reinforce the teaching of The Grammar Handbook 4.