History Now – Student Book: Year 4 (2nd Edition)


ISBN: 9781925487947



History Now is an exciting series, which aims to give students a sound understanding of the people and events that have shaped Australia’s society, culture and landscape, and explain how their own life and personal history fits into a broader context. This series enhances students’ Historical Knowledge and Understanding and Historical Skills.

Key Features

  • Written to the Australian Curriculum.
  • Students respond to each unit both factually and inferentially.
  • Inquiry questions addressed.
  • Each unit is comprised of stimulus texts followed by activities that further develop students’ knowledge, skills and understandings.
  • Stimulus texts presented in both textual and visual form include recounts of historical events, biographies, portraits, retrieval charts and tables, contemporary and modern maps, contemporary illustrations, photographs, timelines, breakout boxes, lists, journal entries and eyewitness accounts.
  • 16 units with each unit providing a minimum two week’s work for Years 3-6.
  • 8 units with each providing 4-5 weeks work for Years F-2.