Heggerty Decodable Toucan Books


The Toucan Series is a set of 6 decodable books for students in 2nd – 4th grade. It was created with our older learners in mind to provide important reading opportunities. Each book is beautifully illustrated and includes a teacher guide and a glossary for non-fiction (NF) books. Stories are meant to be read in a single sitting (25-30 pages in length), and the skills increase in complexity with each book.


Who is this set of books for?
This series was created to provide students with opportunities for connected text reading during Tier 2 and Tier 3 interventions. This set of books can be implemented in combination with Bridge the Gap: Phonemic Awareness intervention lessons. The Toucan series can also be used for decodable reading for students in late 1st or 2nd grade.

Books 1-3
2 fiction books and 1 non-fiction book.
Decodable words include:

– CVC words
– Consonant blends
– Consonant digraphs
– Long vowels with cvce words

Titles include:

Book 1: Stick Bugs (NF)
Book 2: Skunk Dog
Book 3: Chess Mates

Books 4-6
2 fiction books and 1 non-fiction book.
Decodable words include the previous phonics components, and words with:

– Vowel teams with r-controlled & advanced vowels
– Multisyllabic words with open and closed syllables, magic e and vowel teams.

Titles include:

Book 4: Drum Team
Book 5: The Magic Pearl
Book 6: Sea Urchins (NF)