Dandelion World Stages 1-7 Readers (14 books)


ISBN: 9780241666333



This series comprises 14 non-fiction books. Aimed at children in Reception to Year 2, each stage introduces a few sounds at a time, allowing independent reading from the outset.

Each stage practises new letters/sounds while supporting previously taught letters/sounds and high-frequency words. There are two books at each stage to reinforce learning:

Stage 1: s, a, t, i, m
Stage 2: n, o, p
Stage 3: b, c, g, h
Stage 4: d, e, f, v
Stage 5: k, l, r, u
Stage 6: j, w, z
Stage 7: x, y, ff, ll, ss, zz

Follows the same scope and sequence as Dandelion Launchers units 1-3 and Dandelion Launchers units 4-7.