Australian Curriculum Money Bk3 Yrs 5 & 6


ISBN – 9781925431186


Australian Curriculum Money is a three-book series that supports the teaching and learning of all areas related to money. Money is a very important aspect of students’ lives and therefore is an area that needs to be covered well. Written using the Australian national curriculum, Australian Curriculum Money will provide teachers with a comprehensive approach to teaching and helping their students understand money.

Through the proficiency strands of Understanding, Fluency, Problem-solving and Reasoning, teachers will be able to immerse students in this area. These resource books contain a large variety of activities including teachers notes, warm-up activity ideas/hands-on tasks, blackline master worksheets, assessment tasks, and a checklist and answers at the end of each year level.

Each Australian curriculum outcome related to money will be covered in detail plus more, allowing teachers to assist their students to gain confidence in their knowledge of money.

Each book in the series will contain:
Teachers notes including:
Warm-up activity ideas which include hands-on tasks and small group work.
Teachers resources.
Outcome-based worksheets.
Assessment tasks.