Tune Into the Sounds of Reading


230 Activity Cards to build Phonological and Phonemic Awareness!

The starting point for reading is sound. What a child must do to become a reader is to learn how the sounds they hear connect to make the words they say, and then connect letters that represent those sounds to make written words….. So the first step in reading is to be able to ‘Tune into Sounds’.

This NEW ‘Tune Into the Sounds of Reading’ Kit is a specialised kit to develop Phonological Awareness, the foundational skills that are strongly linked to early reading and success.

This kit incorporates knowledge around the foundational concepts of:
🌟Oral Language (Receptive and Expressive Language Development)
🌟Sentences and words
🌟Rhyme (a common sound pattern in words)
🌟Syllables (parts/beats in words)
🌟Phonemic Awareness (individual sounds in words)

‘One of the most robust findings of modern reading research is that proficient reading is strongly associated with the ability to identify, remember, and sequence phonemes’. Dr Louisa Moats

Each card has a student side for visual reverence and a teacher side with easy to use scripts and responses.

This kit is set up in a way that parents and educators can use to differentiate for different students, groups or classes.

This kit is a great tool for every classroom and can be used in a Tier 1 whole class approach, or as a support resource for Tier 2 Intervention approach.

🌈 Great for Pre K – Year 2!


ISBN 9780645170382