Spelling Step By Step


BY Anne Italiano
ISBN 2770000027441 Spiral Bound Version
(includes GST)


The spiral bound book is a handy, compact resource with everything explained within the one book. For many of our students, they can feel overwhelmed with so much information and for these students, I prefer the synthetic card option. As they learn a new spelling rule or convention, that card can be placed on a new ring (which I now supply when purchasing this option). In doing this, they are building up their own resource and can revise the cards that they have already been taught on a regular basis without having to sift through the whole kit. Many of our students forget the letter-sound links. They require drills and repetition to promote mastery.

Whatever option you choose, it can’t be denied that learning and understanding the rules & conventions in Spelling Step by Step will assist students, teachers and parents understand the complexity of spelling in the English language. The Key Ring Option is available at $35.00, Spiral bound is $25.00