Growing Independent Learners


ISBN – 9781760016579


Debbie Diller has revolutionised literacy instruction in countless classrooms with her books on how to effectively use literacy work stations to engage students in critical literacy learning. In Growing Independent Learners, she provides a comprehensive guide – with more than 400 full-colour photos – to help you plan instruction focused on literacy standards, organise your classroom for maximum benefit and lead your students to independence through whole-group lessons, small-group focus and partner learning at literacy stations.
The first four chapters lay the foundation with planning, organising and instruction that are essential for success with literacy work stations. From creating a model classroom and developing planning tools to co-creating anchor charts, Debbie gives you creative ideas for making the most of your classroom environment to support student independence.
Later chapters focus on standards-based instruction built around key reading, writing and foundational skills as well as speaking, listening and language standards. Each of these chapters provides the following:
Detailed explanations of each focal standard’s importance and real-world application
Planning tools that include academic vocabulary, ideas for whole-group instruction and suggestions for literacy work stations
Complete whole-group lesson plans that you can use and modify again and again
Connections to help you extend the lessons into other areas of daily instruction, including independent reading time, small-group instruction and work stations
Mentor texts and anchor charts to use during whole group, small group or stations
Teaching tips that can help build skills from year level to year level.