Exemplary STEM Programs


ISBN 9781760019112



Everybody talks about STEM initiatives, but is anybody doing them effectively? This book’s answer is a resounding yes! It tells the inside stories of 24 science, technology, engineering and mathematics programs that both connect with the Next Generation Science Standards and lead to successful student learning.

The featured programs make it clear that STEM education can work for all age levels and in a variety of settings—traditional classrooms, charter and magnet schools, informal education programs, and after-school and summer activities. A look at the chapter titles shows you the broad range of STEM-related subjects:


STEM Starters: An Effective Model for Elementary Teachers and Students
STEMRAYS: After-School STEM Research Clubs
Urban STEM: Watch It Grow!
Mission Biotech: Using Technology to Support Learner Engagement in STEM
Mixed-Reality Labs: Combining Sensors and Simulations to Improve STEM Education
A State STEM Initiative Takes Root and Blossoms
Developing STEM Site-Based Teacher and Administrator Leadership
Whether you’re a teacher seeking fresh ideas, an administrator eager to learn what other schools do, or a district science coordinator charged with making professional development more effective, this creative collection offers the information and inspiration you need to make your own STEM programs exemplary.