Clarry and The Little White Cloud (How Clarry Learned to Read)


ISBN 9780646954486

Highly Recommended.


Nan Bodsworth, children’s author and illustrator

“Having had a wonderful life richly enhanced by reading, I have always been passionately interested in literacy. My two older children learnt to read fluently in Prep, with a phonics-based system, which used a different colour for each distinct English sound.  My youngest child, from being delighted with books and ideas from an early age, struggled with the whole word system, and being disconsolate, took much longer to learn to read.

Fay Tran, with her long involvement with children with reading difficulties, has written an important little book, an easy-to-read, moving story. There should be at least one copy in every primary school to help staff and students understand the traumas (feelings etc??) of children with reading difficulties.”

Clarry enjoyed his year at pre-school. He loved listening to stories and looking at books and couldn’t wait to start primary school so that he could learn to read. But learning to read was very difficult for Clarry, even though he practised his Golden Words and his take-home books every night. Clarry became very unhappy at school and thought he was too stupid to learn to read. Then things changed at Clarry’s school………       This is a book every teacher of reading should read.