Amber Guardians Series Workbook 1


ISBN – 2770000027946

Price to be confirmed once overseas exchange is verified so at the moment $75 TBC


Reading, comprehension and spelling with English morphology.
Includes answer sheets (225 pages).

Yippee! Our new Amber Guardians workbook has arrived!
dict = say
predict = say before
contradict = say against
Get your pupils to read and comprehend Greek and Latin root words!

It is HERE!!! AND definitely worth the wait. This resources can be used as a stand alone or alongside the Amber Guardians Reading Series. It is sooo! good. One of the most user friendly and supportive (of teachers and students) morphology books we have. Methodical in its approach with rich activities to assist with understanding parts of words and building new vocabulary. If you are looking for an upper primary/junior high school  Oral Language/Word Study resource do request this on Approval – metro 10 days, country 3 weeks. Use the DECD courier to return for free.

The Price of $75 is to be confirmed once the overseas exchange rate is verified. Price may alter accordingly.