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The Grab and Go Circle Time Kit For Teaching Restorative Behaviour

ISBN - 9780957106703



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The Grab and Go Circle Time Kit For Teaching Restorative Behaviour

13 sessions for junior primary
Jane Langley & Bill Hansberry
Thinking and behaving restoratively does not come naturally to all kids. Restorative Practice is a way of thinking about people and events and it is a frame of reference that we can teach to young people. What is the result? Calmer more peaceful and more productive classrooms and playgrounds. Evidence shows that schools that actively teach Restorative Thinking and Behaviour to students report less bullying behaviour; less anxious kids; less anxious parents and happier teachers. The Grab and Go Circle Time Kit for Teaching Restorative Behaviour is unique. We have harnessed the Circle Time pedagogy to create thirteen wonderful sessions to teach Junior Primary Students how to think and behave restoratively. Packed with wonderful illustrated stories and resources for use in the sessions busy teachers can literally pick up this manual and run with it!
Session Outline:
Session 1: Our Circle Time rules
Session 2: Inside and outside hurts
Session 3: Accidental and intentional hurts
Session 4: Helping others when they are hurt
Session 5: Dealing with arguments
Session 6: What we need when we are hurt
Session 7: What we need when we have hurt others
Session 8: Being strong and truthful
Session 9: Seeing things differently (perception)
Session 10: Blaming and Fixing
Session 11: Questions that help fix things

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