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Taking The Complexity Out Of Concepts

ISBN - 9781760013844



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Taking The Complexity Out Of Concepts

Taking the Complexity out of Concepts is a practical resource designed by Innovative Global Education (IGE) to assist educators in making the shift from a content-based curriculum to a conceptual curriculum. The authors’ aim is to do what the title suggests, taking the complexity out of concepts in learning by providing practical strategies and ideas for teachers that can be implemented in any educational setting.
To meet the demand for better professional learning materials devoted to conceptual learning, IGE has formulated the IGE Model for Formulating Conceptual Understandings and the three-stage IGE Template for Planning Conceptual Learning. In support of these pivotal resources, Taking the Complexity out of Concepts also includes a number of case studies adapted from IGE’s professional learning work with schools to serve as exemplars of how real-life educators are actually using the resources in their classrooms. Although the IGE approach to conceptual learning can be used with any syllabus, the case studies given in this book derive from the Australian Curriculum.
Teaching though concepts is the best way to ensure coherency and transferability of learning. In making our method available through this book, IGE hopes that many more teachers and other educators will be able to avoid the complexities and harness the many benefits of conceptual learning.

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