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Super Jack

ISBN - 9780207199189



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Super Jack

This novel continues the story of Jack.

I have a great family, but they drive me crazy sometimes. There’s Nanna, who is obsessed with buying bargains, particularly underpants. How many pairs does a kid really need? There’s Mum, who does star jumps. I wish she wouldn’t do them, especially in public. There’s my sort-of-step-dad Rob, who is the best dish washer in the whole world. He doesn’t get it. I don’t really care if plates sparkle. There’s my sister Samantha, who is in love with dogs, especially Floppy, who is big and flat and stuffed. Sometimes I think there’s something wrong with my sister. There’s my best friend Anna, who is… well she’s nice.

And ME. Jack. I’m twelve and a scientist. You should see my fantastic fungus. We’re going on a terrific holiday up north. Beaches and theme parks. Well, it’s terrific apart from LEO, Rob’s son. YUCK! Why does he have to come? I KNOW he’s going to ruin everything.

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