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Natural Maths Strategies Book 3

ISBN - 9781921143403



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Natural Maths Strategies Book 3

An ideal resource for numeracy blocks!
The activities in this book provide starting points for three-part lessons that focus on the big ideas for teaching maths to 9 to 11 year olds. The CD-ROM included in this book is designed to help teachers to plan and personalise their maths program and to record individual student’s progress.

Now includes the Assessment Guide as a CD ROM.

About the series:

Based on world’s best practice! This primary school maths series provides the core knowledge and understanding of the “big ideas” or concepts students require to become confident and enthusiastic maths users. Each book is organised into units of work based on the current research into the developmental sequence in which students generally acquire those concepts.

Each unit is divided into five sections:

1. Mental routines – 10 minute lesson starters with suggested closed, open and flip questions designed to engage students and arouse their enthusiasm.
2. Problematised situations – challenges that encourage students to work mathematically with open-ended “real life” situations and construct their own ideas. These lessons include a reflection session where mathematical language is used to describe successful strategies and more formal methods are introduced and demonstrated.
3. Investigations – open-ended investigations to encourage students to test and extend their skills.
4. Games – fun activities designed to reinforce the strategies developed in each unit.
5. Assessment activities – consolidation activities that students should readily accomplish at the end of each unit.

The activities in each unit are supported be the use of readily available concrete materials, as well as over 50 photocopiable activity sheets and task cards.


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