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In Defence Of Reading Aloud : Sustaining Best Practice

ISBN - 9781760018115



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In Defence Of Reading Aloud : Sustaining Best Practice

As accountability measures for schools and teachers continue to grow, instructional practice is under the microscope. The practice of reading aloud to children may be viewed by some educators as an “extra” – a bit of fluff used solely for the purposes of enjoyment or filling a few spare minutes. But researchers and practitioners stand in solidarity: the practice of reading aloud throughout the year levels is not only viable but also best practice.
In Defence of Read-Aloud reinforces readers’ confidence to continue the practice of reading aloud and presents the research base to defend the practice in years F–12. Steven Layne also offers significant practical insights to strengthen instructional practice – answering the questions of “Why should we?” and “How should we?” – and provides practical advice about how to use read-alouds most effectively.
Leading researchers in the field of literacy provide position statements; authors of professional books share insights on books they have loved; leaders of large literacy organisations write about their favourite read-alouds; award-winning authors of children’s and young adult books (Katherine Paterson, Andrew Clements and Lois Lowry, to name a few) share the powerful behind-the-scenes stories of their greatest books; and real classroom teachers and librarians speak about books that have “lit up” their classrooms and libraries around the world. Last but not least, In Defence of Read-Aloud features many great recommendations of books to share with children.
Read-aloud is an essential practice in teaching literacy in years F–12. In this book, Steven Layne has provided everything needed to support, sustain and celebrate the power of read-aloud.

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